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MSL6060 Installation with Windows 2003

Hameed Ahmad
Occasional Advisor

MSL6060 Installation with Windows 2003


We have recently purchased MSL6060 Tape Library which is connected via Network Storage Router E1200-160 to SAN Switch. The environment is as follows:

The setup is as follows:

1. The Backup will be made from two Windows2003 Itanium based Servers where Media Agent is installed for making the backup.

2. The Data-Protector 5.5 is installed on the Windows2003 Machine which is not connected to the SAN Environment.

3. On SAN Switch the single initiator zoning is created for each servers with Tape Library.

4. On my Windows2003 Itanium Servers, after connection to the SAN Environment the Windows2003 Machine has detected the Library and is shown them in Device Manager which is attached herewith with name "Device Manager.doc".Do i further need to install any further drivers if yes what will be the procedure? I have downloaded the driver file from the HP Website for MSL6060 but it only contains .frm files. How to install them in Windows Environment.

5. One thing not yet clear to me, Do i need to have the Data-Protector Machine connected to the SAN Environment also? Is it a must or optional?

Thanks in advance for replies.

Mansoor Hafeez
Gilles Cadrin
Trusted Contributor

Re: MSL6060 Installation with Windows 2003

1- You only need to install Hplto.sys ( According to the picture provided ) Now why

Since you are installing on windows 2003 with the Storport driver, Microsoft has removed the scsi passthrought in SP1 of Windows 2003, so The Medium Changer driver ( Wich is present on your picture) and the Tape Device Drivers need to be installed.

The problem with this, is that the SP1 Also introduce a Major issue, Where the Block size is Limited to 64kb for tape device, Which is not big enought with newer drive Technology like LTO2 and LTO3. Microsoft has a special patch for this. see

The latest driver of the hplto.sys is version ( I do Not know if it was released publicly yet, IF not Make sure you have version and NOT as it has the autorun=1 for the plug and play )

Make Sure the Removable Storage Manager is

Started and stopped everytime the servers are rebooted, as this is a known issue with the plug and play feature, that the RSM will still query the drive even when not enabled.

As for the cell manager not been attached on the san, This is not a problem .. The cell manager is hosting the internal Database and is not required to have the tape drives attached to it) .. Just make sure you have a good Network card has the Media agents will need to send over the wire the Catalog information.

Best regards


Steven Clementi
Honored Contributor

Re: MSL6060 Installation with Windows 2003


Usually, a windows system does not need to know the exact information for each device. As long as the Tape Drive is recognized and has a driver, that should be sufficient, but of course not the best solution.

There are 3 files you need...

hplto.sys (and related files) and the
cpqrouter file. This file only tells windows the "name" of the device, but does not add any real functionality.

I am not home at the moment or have my laptop so I am not sure what the links are for each, but I do have them and if someone does not post them by the time I get home, I will try to reply again with the links.

Steven Clementi
HP Master ASE, Storage and Clustering
MCSE (NT 4.0, W2K, W2K3)
VCP (ESX2, Vi3, vSphere4, vSphere5)
NPP3 (Nutanix Platform Professional)
Hameed Ahmad
Occasional Advisor

Re: MSL6060 Installation with Windows 2003


I have tried the three files which you have mentioned.Results are as follows:

1. hplto.sys has successfully installed and now showing the drivers for Tape Drives.

2. hptapredrivers.exe doesn't help. After its installation nothing happened.

3. "cpqrouter file", it also didn't help in this regard.

Now the situation is that in my host machine I have two unknown devices, one is "Unknown Medium Changer" and other is "NSR 1200-160", Do i need any drivers for them. If yes than where can i find the drivers for them. I went through the HP Website but couldn't find anydriver for them.

Thanks and Regards

Hameed Ahmad
Occasional Advisor

Re: MSL6060 Installation with Windows 2003

Thanks for your support. Everything is working fine now.

In actual I dont think that it requires any drivers. Even it looks as other devices in Device Manager but it is working fine with Data Protector.


Mansoor Hafeez