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MSL6060 SCSI and FC mix

Kevin West_1
New Member

MSL6060 SCSI and FC mix

This may be a stupid question.


I have a MSL6060 with 3 x LTO3 drives all connect over SCSI to a sigle server.


What I want to do is the following if possible (I am having trouble backing up a very large file servers over the IP network)


Leave the Master (top half) with two LTO drives SCSI and the library controller connected to the backup server.


Install a E1200-320 module in the bottom half with two LTO drives. I would connect these drives over FC to the problem servers so they can back them selves up.


Has anyone done this or know if it is a least possible?





Curtis Ballard
Honored Contributor

Re: MSL6060 SCSI and FC mix

Check your backup application first.  Many applications do support the configuration you propose but some require a special license and some don't support that model at all.  Often you need something that will be called a "SAN backup license" or occasionally a "Networked backup license".  That allows the different application instances on the remote systems to communicate with the master application that is controlling the library and scheduling drives.