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MSL6060 with RedHat AS 2.1 on SAN

Daniel O. Miranda_2
Occasional Visitor

MSL6060 with RedHat AS 2.1 on SAN

Hi All,
We are having troubles to make a DL580 with RedHat AS 2.1 to connect with a SAN attached MSL6060 library with lto2 drives and ES1200 router.
The DL580 is using a QLogic QLA2300 to connect to a EMC DM32M2 SAN switch, and this connection is used for disk i/o (EMC Clarion) and for the MSL library.
The DL580 sees the media changer and the router but nothing about the drives.

Is there anyone with any experience in this ?
We would appreciate any help.

Best regards to all.

We have more details in :