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Can i connect msl6060 library(SCSI model) with 4x960 drives to one server with 2xSCSI controllers? What does "host" mean in HP technical guide - separate device like server or separate SCSI controller? My case is:
I offer one MSL 6060 library with 2x960 drives. It has connect to a backup server via SCSI interface. What can I do, when upgrade the library to maximum 4 drives in this scenario?
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Re: MSL6060

HOST means your server
For Ultrium 960 drives, daisy chaining is not supported, so you need two dual port U320 SCSI controllers (HBA=Host bus adapter)or four single port U320 SCSI controllers
You can use U160 SCSI controllers but it reduce tape drive performance because you get lees transfer rates.
Here is the link for all manuals, please check user guide and
check "NOTE" on page 165 and you need 4host/4 drives configuration it means that you can connect one drive on each server or one drive on each SCSI bus.
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