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MSL630 connected to two SCSI Cards

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MSL630 connected to two SCSI Cards

I am trying to configure an MSL6030 that has two drives and connected to two separate SCSI cards in the SAme server?
I see a library and one drive in one card and the order SCSI card shows the other drive.

I am using Dataprotector 6.0 and able to configure and scan the barcodes

1. When formatting,writting etc.. I get Error "annot write to device ([87] The parameter is incorrect)
2. The devbra shows both drives
3. using LLT tools, no barcodes are seen in the library.

Any help will be appreciated
Marino Meloni_1
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Re: MSL630 connected to two SCSI Cards

The connection is supported, you can see the devices in device manager, and DP.
This do not mean that all is ok, you may get problem during data transfer and not during server boot process, that is why you can see the devices (it got a very small amount of data during this process) but you cannot run backups.

firt check if you have the correct scsi cables and correct terminator on each scsi channel
should be HBA>scsi cable> lib controller> scsi cable >drive LTO> terninator
second : HBA> scsi cable> Drive > terminator

SCSI Cable and terminators should be U2 or U3 depending of the model of LTO drives

Then you can run LTT and run some tests, like connectivity test,read/write test, or assessment test
collect a ticket and attach here in case you need more deeper analysis