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Re: MSL8096 FC TP and multipath


MSL8096 FC TP and multipath

do you know somthing about MPIO software to use with tape library like MSL8096 (fibre optic variant) in Windows Server 2003 operation system?
We try to use two FC connection for redundancy from backup server to SAN, where library situated. But operation system and backup software (CA ARCserve) see two library instead of one and can't work normaly with this library. Unfortunaly we can find MPIO software on the HP site only for disk storage systems like EVA or MSA...
Curtis Ballard
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Re: MSL8096 FC TP and multipath

The only solutions for what you are trying to do right now are software that support multi path or manual zoning control.

If your CA ARCserver doesn't support multi-path and finds two libraries instead of one then you will need to use manual zoning control where you connect both ports of the drive to your switch but zone out or disable one of the ports at the switch so your application only finds one device. Then if there is a failure you can log into the switch and enable the other port.

Not automatic but better than recabling.