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MSl5060-NO response to the Touch Screen Front Pannel Operation


MSl5060-NO response to the Touch Screen Front Pannel Operation

I am facing one problem with MSL 5060 LTO Library. I am not able to operate with Front Panel (Touch screen). If I press at any of the control options (menu, magazine access, Media move..etc) ,there is no response from the system.
But I am able to move media around the slots and drives using DP commands (uma). But I need to take out some media.....there every thing fails!!!.Do you have any idea to help me.

Thanks in advance
Shaikh Imran
Honored Contributor

Re: MSl5060-NO response to the Touch Screen Front Pannel Operation

I have the following in ML6xxx Library Pls check in yours:

Front Panel and Media Security Locks
The following security features are available to help you avoid accidental
interruption of library operation.
GUI Touch Screen
The GUI touch screen offers three levels of security :
â   User Level 1â allows access to the mail slot(s).
â   User Level 2â allows magazine access, mail slot access, SCSI options,
diagnostics, and lets you move media.
â   Serviceâ allows access to the administrative menu that lets you view/edit
library and SCSI options.
Note: The library ships with a default service password of 5566.

Each password is represented by four decimal digits that are stored in NVRAM in
a range of 0001 to 9999.
Note: 0000 is used to disable password verification for each level.
Enabling a password at a lower level re-enables disabled higher levels to that
value. As a result, prior to accessing any higher level operation, you are prompted
first to enter the new higher level password.
You can also use a higher level password to gain access to a lower level operation.
For example, use the Service password to access the Move Media operation.
Using the Service password to access the Menu option also gives full access
(without validating) to the Service operations.
Note: To restore passwords if forgotten, use Set User Defaults using the MSL Utility and
diagnostic cable.
Note that any configuration that was previously set will be lost.
If necessary, record all configuration settings before resetting the password.

Hope thi
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David Ruska
Honored Contributor

Re: MSl5060-NO response to the Touch Screen Front Pannel Operation


Can you clarify what you mean by "no response?"

Is the library front panel completely frozen, or is it only that certain functions (i.e. open magazine, move media) to not perform?

If you could clarify exactly what the front panel shows and what, if any, responses it has to selections, that would help us better understand the issue.

There is is one open issue with the MSL libraries where certain internet traffic can cause the library to lock up (both the front panel and the web interface).

Do you have the network interface of the library connected?

If so, is it behind a firewall or on the open internet?

Dave Ruska
HP Engineering
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