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Re: Major issue with HP LTO6 tape drive


Major issue with HP LTO6 tape drive


we have a brand new 1x8 G2 autoloader with LTO Ultrium drive attached to a new HP server running Windows 2012R2.

All the backups fail between anything from 50Gb to 150Gb (we never been able to write more).

We found in the Windows Viewer this error that seem to be roughly at the same time the backup fails:

"Event ID 15, source hplto: The device, \Device\Tape0, is not ready for access yet"


I logged a case with HP, and the tape library and tape drive have been replaced. However we still have the same problem.

We tried about 12 tapes (half purchased from HP, the other half from the local distributor, all HP tapes)


We do not know what else to do. this is the eternal issue hardware vs software where everyone points the finger to each other, but we are in the middle, with the problem.


Does anyone had this issue before and was able to solve it?

If you do not have issues, can you please share your source of drivers/versions. etc?


Any help would be really appreciated, as we do not have any backups now for 10 days




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Re: Major issue with HP LTO6 tape drive

What is the product number of the Autoloader?




Re: Major issue with HP LTO6 tape drive

I think it is C0H18A or AH166A


Is it what you are after?



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Re: Major issue with HP LTO6 tape drive

Product number: C0H18A - HP 1/8 G2 Ultrium 6250 SAS Tape Autoloader.


The latest firmware revision is:

  • Autoloader - 4.30
  • Ultrium 6250 SAS Drive - 352W


Visit the following link, choose the OS and download the firmware bundle:


Updating the firmware to the latest revision might help.




Re: Major issue with HP LTO6 tape drive

Thanks Zsal


This is the first thing that was done 12 days ago!


and re-checked again with HP engineer once the autoloader and tape drive got replaced.


I believe the issue is the P822 controller. Firmware is 6.0 but Bura compatibility list says it should be 6.10


However it it impossible to track it from HP web site nor via the HP support for the past 24 hours.


The P822 controller has been swapped too, no difference.


I would like to add it to the server to connect just the tape, but I do not have spare room, as we allready have a HBA for 3Par connectivity and a 10Gb NIC card.


Is there a small card that will fit inside the server (DL380G8) on the second connector (but without a cage, ie directly on the motherboard) that will support the autochanger?



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Re: Major issue with HP LTO6 tape drive


I have checked the Quickspecs for the P822 Controller. There is no support for 1/8 Autoloader mentioned. Only MSL Libraries.

Try P222, H221 or H222 Controller. These controllers support the 1/8 Autoloader. But only the H221 quickspecs mention the LTO6 drive. But the other should work.



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Re: Major issue with HP LTO6 tape drive

check this


it also applies to other config ( MSL tape and so on ) , the HP insight agents check tape status and interfere with backup, with multiple backup software ( Backup Exec and Microsoft DPM )


The real shame that the fix is dependanto to drive serial number so when replace the tape drive mut be reapplied


Sme report that it is possible to disable in the HP Insight agent control panel icon the tape support for storage agents, i usually do both fixes and TB of backup are working after the fix.