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Manual Uninstall of Tape Tools

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John Bielot_1
Occasional Visitor

Manual Uninstall of Tape Tools

I went to upgrade the version of Tape Tools on a Windows 2000 server to the latest version. I uninstalled the existing version, then started the install for the current version (SR1a). It got all the way to the end, but got hung there. I waited about 15 minutes. I ended up ending the task. The icon was created on the desktop, but there's no entry in add/remove programs. I tried to run it. It started, and then crashed with an error and asked me to send the results. I did that. I want to uninstall it so that I can try the installation again, but I need some direction. I tried to just reinstall the same version, but one of the 'enhancements' with this version is that it requires any previous version to be removed.

Marino Meloni_1
Honored Contributor

Re: Manual Uninstall of Tape Tools

just run this software〈=English+%28US%29&pnameOID=327079&prodSeriesId=63890&prodTypeId=12169&basePartNum=COL5358&locBasepartNum=co-18262-2&os=Microsoft+Windows+2000+Server&tech=Utility