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Media Attention


Media Attention

I Use DP5.5 to backup my file server Data, It occurs a failed.The Massage show

"The exchanger failed to complete the SCSI move command. An operating
system error or a SCSI error has been encountered. The error message
indicates the reason as reported by the operating system or the
exchanger robotics. "

And It suggest a Action about :

"Verify that the autochanger device is online and ready. If
necessary, perform a H/W reset of the autochanger or cycle power.
Then restart the failed Data Protector session.
Check that the drive is properly configured. The drive index may be
Also this message appears in when we try to load an STK medium
into a drive that is configured on a host where an MA-ACS Media
Agent is not installed."

And I Look the AutoLoader control panel show "media attention".I search the service guide,it indicate the cartridge or media tape may be error.

When I Export and Import the error slot tape, and backup again, It will be Correct.

The "Media Attention" often happen on some slot.what's wrong with my tape library?
Kurt Beyers.
Honored Contributor

Re: Media Attention


Concerning the media attention. Make sure that the tape is placed well into the slot by importing/exporting it. Check the tape visually to make sure that there isn't any defect on it, eg a label that came loose a bit.

If it happens with different tapes in the same slot number, log a hardware call at HP.

You can always do first a firmware upgrade to see if it solves anything, this will be one of the first questions of HP anyway.

best regards,