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Media error of tape drive HP C1537A

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Media error of tape drive HP C1537A

The tapedrive C1537A installed and checked correctly by tapeassure. However, media error always occurred after tape inserted. I found that there was KB of microsoft Q269600, stated that because Removable Storage did not recognize the media, the "4MM DDS" media pools may not be created under the free, import, or unrecognized system pools. I would like to ask if the KB of microsoft was true and if so, how to fix it since I did not want to reduce the server's memory.

Tommy Brown
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Re: Media error of tape drive HP C1537A

Just a few thoughts, Is the media made for the drive? ie, DDS media used in a DDS3 unit ( I am not sure which drive you are using). Should use DDS3 Media in a DDS3 drive. Many of the new drives have media sensing and reject any "old" or noncompatible media. Eg a DDS2 drive will eject a DDS3 media. A DDS media in a DDS3 drive may work, but possibly operate erratically. I have not looked up the Msoft KB you referred to, just giving you some of my experiences.
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