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Media format invalid for drive

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Media format invalid for drive


We have recently with Surestore Tape Autoloader 9/1. Each operation, we get a drive error message "Media format invalid for drive".
We thought that Autoloader needed a firmware upgrading so we did it. And nothing changed. And more critically, BE didn't find the drive.

Thanx for your help.
Marino Meloni_1
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Re: Media format invalid for drive

could you specify which drive you have in your autoloader and which cartridge you are using?
are you using brand new cartridge, or recycled ones? did you used these cartridge in a previous drive? wich model?

could you run L&TT with the cartridge inside and run read/write test?

after this test, cartridges have to be formatted by BE to be used, then try to run a backup again.
Joe Short
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Re: Media format invalid for drive

Also, where is this message coming from? The OS, or some backup software. If it is software, look at how the drive has been configured. For example, if this is a DLT autoloader that was somehow configured in the software as a DDS autoloader, you will have a problem. How is the media defined within the backup software? Are you using some sort of media pool arrangement? If the media pool was defined as a different type of tape media, you will experience this very problem.
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Re: Media format invalid for drive

At first thank you all for your reply.
We have an autoloader 1/9 with DLT1 cartridge. Each operation using the front panel (move slot to drive, cleaning,..), with new or old catridge, we have a hard error "Invalid tape format for drive".
We got the same error when we tried to read a tape with Backup Exec 7.0.

Finally, HP tech support dicided to change the drive and it'd been done this morning. And evrething goes well.

Again, thanx !