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Modell C1537A no dokuments

Michael Lawrence
Occasional Visitor

Modell C1537A no dokuments

I can't find any dokuments about this internal tape drive. It's a DDS3 12/24GB
drive. But I didn't get any dokumentation about the jumpers. I have many
trouble to install this drive under Windows NT 4.0 SP 6a.
I can see the installed driver, but the Colorado Backup Software II Version 7.0
can't use the tape drive. I don't know why.



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Bob Light
Frequent Advisor

Re: Modell C1537A no dokuments

Is this NT Workstation or Server? You would have to contact the technical
support group that supports that software for sure on this,but I believe that
software won't work with the Server version of NT.

As viewed from the back of the tape drive, the pin sets over the power
connector are set up as follows.

Sets as viewed from the left
? ? ? ? ? ?? ?? ???? ?? ??
?? 1 2 3 4 5
set 1 Termination power ]] ]] ]] ]] ]
sets 2,3,4 SCSI address pins.
set 5 (only 1 jumper) No connection

To set the address to 1, pin set 4 would be jumpered
To set the address to 5, pin set 2 and 4 would be jumpered.
Michael Lawrence
Occasional Visitor

Re: Modell C1537A no dokuments

Thanks for your help Bob.
At the moment I use a Win NT Workstation, but I will change it to a Server.
The backside Jumpers are only for the address, but what's about the small
switches on the top of the drive ? Could be that I switched it to the wrong
posistion, because I thought it would be the address.
Can you send me, the right switch position ?

Thanks a lot

Michael Lawrence
Bob Light
Frequent Advisor

Re: Modell C1537A no dokuments

The top switches are determined by the firmware on the drive and the fw version
information is needed to determine the exact functions. There are many
functions of those switches and HP has shipped many different versions
depending on customer need.
We need more exact model number information from the mechanism along with
firmware if possible.
Michael Lawrence
Occasional Visitor

Re: Modell C1537A no dokuments

Hi Bob,

now I found the problem. I had trouble between my streamer and my scanner.
After disconnect the scanner, the streamer works.
So I don't need the switch positions any more. Thank's a lot.
I have heard that a scanner makes very often problems on a SCSI-Bus. I think I
will buy now a USB-Scanner.
It's easier to handle.


Michael Lawrence