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Moving Encryption kit between tape libraries

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Moving Encryption kit between tape libraries

I apologize in advance if this topic as been covered already but I haven't found anything so far in my many searches.


I have an MSL4048 with (2) LTO-4 drives that's currently using an encryption kit.  I just purchased a new MSL4048 with (4) LTO-5 drives due to the increased size of my network.  I didn't buy an additional encryption kit mainly because I didn't think of it at the time of purchase. We will eventually be decommissioning the old library once the new library is stable and encrypted.


Question:  Is it possible to move the encryption kit from the old library to the new library?  If so, is it possible to move the kit back to the old library in the event of an emergency?  And back to the new one after the restore is finished from the old tapes?


I know it sounds silly and the obvious answer would be to simply buy a new encryption kit but my company is counting pennies now.  If I must purchase a new kit, we will.  If we can get away with moving the kit without much risk involved, I'd like to try that first.


Any all help would be greatly appreciated.