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Hi all,

i have a MSL Tape library 6060. There are two power supplies in this tape library . one power supply is damaged , with one power supply the tape library is getting ON but ther is no display on its front panal . Plz tell me what is problem , is this a one power supply is a Redundant power supply of tape library OR with one power supply the tape library is not operative .


Asim Rana
Kurt Beyers.
Honored Contributor

Re: Msl6060


The power supplies are redundant, so the console should work with only one power supply as well.

Can you access the library using the web interface? Hence you can check from here if it is still working fine (eg load / unload a tape to a drive). Or check it using your backup software (start a test backup).

Anyway if you have hardware support for the library, open a call at HP.