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Much Toted Tape BOOT

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Much Toted Tape BOOT

I have a AIT35 with Veritas BackupExec 8.6.
I am trying to boot an IBM Server from this.

Can anyone tell me if the Boot mode only applies to Compaq servers???
If so do I have a particular firmware version, rompaqs etc...

Thanx for the help

Rob Keith.
Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Re: Much Toted Tape BOOT

I've been trying for a year to get it to work with a Compaq DL380!

Does Veritas recongize it as a IDR compatible tape drive, ie does it allow you to create the bootable tape image?

Compaq will probably tell you its only certified for use on their servers according the the Compatibility chart shown on the DRtape support pages. Generally you must have the tape drive connected to a normal SCSI interface (not a RAID) and be via a HBA Controller (ie it must be a primary device). Compaq's SCSI card: 154457-B21 does this. I'm about to try it, although I'm using the hot plug version of the AIT 35/70 and this is not supported.

Best of luck