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Multiple Copies failed

Occasional Contributor

Multiple Copies failed

We have Netbackup server 5.0 installed and Sun Storedge L1000 attached to master.

I have 1 policy name GroupA1, this policy contains 3 schduling which are full, Differential and cumulative, the Differential and cumulative schduling are using the NetBackup volume pool. But the Full schduling will have 2 copies and store in Group-Full volume pool and Off-GF volume pool.

So, at the full schduling, I tick multiple copies and my configuring as follows:

Attribute At the policy:
volume pool: Netbackup

Copy 1:
storage unit - dlt-000-Robot-0001 (something like this)
volume pool - Group-Full
Retendtion - no change

Copy 2:
storage unit - dlt-000-Robot-0001 (something like this)
volume pool - Off-GF
Retendtion - no change

But this configuring make the schduling end with error 213. storage unit not found. I had examine the volume pool with others policy and seens no problem. Is that the configuration has errors.

Thanks in advance for any replies.