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My old DLT 10/20

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My old DLT 10/20


I am using my old DLT 10/20 external Compaq model, and I am confident it is still fully functional.

I am using win98 and an Adaptec 2940UW PCI SCSI controller. I am also trying to backup with Adaptec's EZSCSI software.

When I try to format a new tape, this is what I get:
Operation: Format of tape hjkl
Date/time operation started: Thu 3/20/03 12:49:32 PM
Error/warnings during operation:
1322(13408,3) - \\ ... Error: A tape was removed during this operation.
92C(960A,0) - \\ ... Invalid command received by SCSI drive
1320(13408,3) - \\ ... Warning: This operation has been canceled by the system.

Total number of errors encountered: 3
Date/time operation canceled: Thu 3/20/03 12:49:44 PM


What's gong on here? I'm using new DLT III tapes (10/20). The drive itself has seen little use at all since I purchased it years ago. Perhaps there is some SCSI controller configuration I need to change. Perhaps Adeptec software is my problem.. any help appreciated.

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Vincent Fleming
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Re: My old DLT 10/20

Here's a few things to check:

Is your SCSI bus properly terminated?

You don't mention what vers of EZSCSI you're using. This matters a lot, as the different versions support different drives. There's a README on the installation disc that has a list of supported tape drives. (at least in Version 5.X).

Good luck!

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Re: My old DLT 10/20

Thanks for the response, you have shoved me in the right direction. I merely went to Yosemite's software, after checking the readme in EZSCSI version I had, and noticing the drive was not in the supported drives list.

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Re: My old DLT 10/20

Hello. I have the same device, but i have noo any driver for it. Would you be so kind and send me a driver for win2000?