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NSR (HP NS E1200-320) connectivity question

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NSR (HP NS E1200-320) connectivity question

Hi everybody,

I need to connect to NSR of MSL 6000 tape library, but I'm not able to. Due to user's guide, LAN port of NSR should be configured with IP address, but I'm not sure, because after I had set up my notebook with IP address and got connected with crossover, I could not ping NSR.

Any help will be appreciated,

P.S.: I have no computer with serial interface in.
Marino Meloni_1
Honored Contributor

Re: NSR (HP NS E1200-320) connectivity question

Yes the default ip address is but is someone changet it, then it will have a new ip address, or may be is is set in dhcp mode.
the only way to identify the LAN setting is to connect from the serial port.
I suggest to found a server in that room, they all have serial ports
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Re: NSR (HP NS E1200-320) connectivity question

Check whether you can get a USB to serial reduction or a PCMCIA card with serial interface that you could use with a laptop. For example, Sunix makes kind of these.

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Re: NSR (HP NS E1200-320) connectivity question

Since some time the default is to use DHCP, name is "router".

Hope this helps!

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