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NSR imapping question

Gene Kenny
Regular Advisor

NSR imapping question


When you look at a NSR index table will the NSR itself show up on the table.
I can see all my servers in the index table but not the NSR?

I am trying to connect the NSR to a Cell Manger, the Cell Manager does not see any tape devices. I have disable zoning on the switch.

Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: NSR imapping question

Not sure which table you are talking about. There is a table that registers all connected hosts (servers) and what mapping table is assigned to them. The NSR will not show up here, but I have seen FC switches - just ignore them.

The mapping tables define which hardware device is visible on which fibre channel LUN number. You usually map the library robot to LUN:0 and then the tape drives. The NSR (listed as protocol AF, if I remember correctly - sorry, I'm doing this from memory) is not required and can even be confusing to some operating systems.