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Nonie Cronin
Occasional Contributor


We've been having a few backup problems lately and have checked the NSR's and found the following entry on some of them.

"CHK COND with sence key=0x3, ASC=0x14, ASCQ=0x0 from LUN 0/1/0"

Anyone know what it means?
Marino Meloni_1
Honored Contributor

Re: NSR's

this is a "medium" error (medium comming from the tape drive and related to a read/write command)
the code in indicating "RECORDED ENTITY NOT FOUND", looks like he is looking for something that is not yet there.

Just this code cannot give you the solution of the problem, you need to cross check with what you where doing at that moment and with other logs, to understant why this sense code reported by the drive at address 0/1/0 appeared.