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Rui Antunes_1
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I'm in a customer that has Veritas 3.4.1GA in a Win2000 Cluster.
I have 2 HP MSL5026 and 1 HP ESL9198 connected to a NSR M2402 and to a 2 GB HP Core Switch.
The NSR has the 5.6.87 Firmware and 4.23 Bios Version, the core switch has the Kernel 2.4.19 and the fabric OS 5.0.1.
The HBA that i'm using is the Emulex LP952 with the firmware version 3.92.a2.
The drivers i'm using are:

HBA - Emulex
ESL9198 - Compaq 5.0.2128.1
MSL5026 - HP
Tape Drive - HP StorageWorks Compaq SuperDLT1

I've been recently having two repeated errors:

1 - In the event viewer of the servers i have "The device, \Device\Scsi\lpxnds1, did not respond within the timeout period.".
2 - At the same time, in the NSR i have the folowing errors, "CHK COND with Sense Key=0x3, ASC=0xC, ASCQ=0x0 from SCSI LUN ..." and "SCSI UDC Error ..."

I've replaced the HBA, the Fiber Cable, the GBIC, and i even changed the core switch port, but i still continue with this errors.

I have SecurePath installed with just one HBA. Can this be the problem ? Does anyone experienced this same problem ? If so, does anyone has a solution ?.

Thank you

Rui Antunes
Marino Meloni_1
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That message you got on the nsr traces usualy indicate a problem on the parallel scsi bus, so I would investigate from the nsr to the drive for any problem with the connection. the problem may be caused also by the drive itself or by a bad tape(long retry or recovery routine on a bad tape).
UDC mean unexpected disconnect