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NT Drivers for HP SureStore T20i (?)

Tim Rodriguez
Occasional Contributor

NT Drivers for HP SureStore T20i (?)

I have ArcServeIT 6.61 and before I re-installed the system (NT) I was able to do a remote backup of 2GB in like 20 minutes, now its telling me that it will take approximately 15 hours....!

Its been a while since I have done this installation and my documentation is no where to be found. When I look at tape devices in the control panel it says that no driver is installed (?). Could this be the cause of the backup going so slow. I have looked up on the HP site for drivers but all I find is firmware upgrade which my device already has. Does NT, ArcServeIT require a driver in order to for functionility?

Im a little bit at a loss .... any help will be gratefully appreciated.

Vincent Farrugia
Honored Contributor

Re: NT Drivers for HP SureStore T20i (?)