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NTBackup and DLT VS80 - Verify?

Anders Theodorsen
Occasional Visitor

NTBackup and DLT VS80 - Verify?


I'm using ntbackup on a Windows 2003 server to backup to a HP DLT VS80 drive. I have used the verify option, but the backup takes about 6 hours to finish and verify about the same. So I would like to shorten that time.

I'we seen some post's here indicating that the verify option is really not necessary. Should I turn it off? If so how should I periodically verify the tapes with ntbackup?

Vincent Fleming
Honored Contributor

Re: NTBackup and DLT VS80 - Verify?

Well... here's an interesting topic!

To verify or not to verify, that is the question!

(he he he)

It's a good idea to verify your tapes - tapes DO go bad over time; they wear out. If you don't verify your backups, you're never quite sure if you have a good backup or not.

I have seen customers of mine not be able to recover a server because they don't verify their tapes.

I figure it this way - if your data is worth backing up, it's worth the time to make sure that the backup is good.

So, I would say you should continue to verify the tapes.

There are several ways you can shorten your backup window: make more use of Incremental backups, add a second tape drive, backup to disk before going to tape, etc.

You can speak with your HP sales rep about getting access to a Storage Architect (if you don't have one assigned to your account now). The SA should be able to suggest a solution that fits your budget and meets your requirements.

Good luck,

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