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Need help in Autoloader SSL1016

Need help in Autoloader SSL1016

Hi Everyone

I have new purchased HP Autoloader Tape Back-up SSL1016 and i have two DL380 Server. can i connect two server to the Autoloader... Please check attachment..

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Re: Need help in Autoloader SSL1016


Look for a 3rd party software which is capable for utilizing SCSI shared devices.

For instance, Netvault from Bakbone has with this kind of features. They called this Dynamically Shared Devices or DSD. I tried this before from one of my client and it works even if the operating system is different for both of them (at any of the 2 servers).

Some standard hardware condition (any 3rd party software) are as follows:

1. SCSI devices (controllers and tape boxs) must have unique SCSI IDs.

2. HBA cards (SCSI Controllers)must have the same model and specs. [(adaptec ultra320 x2)]

Hope this help,

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Re: Need help in Autoloader SSL1016

Thanks Allan

I think i need some Third Party software to do this. Anyway i already told my boss that this is not possible.