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Need help w/ tape management...

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Need help w/ tape management...

Greeting guru's.

I have what is probably a simple question but, I'm having a hard time answering it.

I have a SureStore tape silo w/ 175 slots.
I'm running Data Protector 5.1.

Is there a command line function that will show me the same info (or similar) as what the DP GUI shows when looking at the slot information for the silo?

I know you can use the UMA function but that only shows if the the slot has a tape in it or not. I need to create a script that will automatically format un-initialized media.

Any help would be appreciated and points will be awarded accordingly.
I drank what?? - Socrates
Robin T. Slotten
Trusted Contributor

Re: Need help w/ tape management...

Try these commands in the order shown and you will get the parms you need
for the next command.
(PATH /opt/omni/bin)

omnicellinfo -dev
omnicellinfo -dev -detail
omnicellinfo -dev -detail |grep LIBR

omnimm -repository LibraryName

omnimm -repository_barcode_scan LibraryName

omnimm -show_repository_alloc Library PoolName [-detail]

Here are some other commands to explore as well:

omnirpt -report media_list

omnirpt -report pool_list

omnimm -list_pool

omnimm -silo_query LibraryName [-range FromSlot-ToSlot]

You can then use these commands to parse out the response and write your script.
Beware: the brackets [] will cause you some problems
when you parse out the responses.

There is a parameter in the Options file that will automatically format
new tapes in the repository, however, I have had some bad experinces
where tapes got over-written in-error, so I don't use it.


# InitOnLoosePolicy=0 or 1

# default: 0
# This option is used by backup session manager. When using
# loose policy media checking, this option is checked if the
# session manager should automatically initialize new media.

Enjoy! Rob....


$ omnimm -repository_barcode_scan "SAN_MSL6060_RJC"
[Normal] From: "SAN_MSL6060_RJC" Time: 05/16/07 07:46:49
STARTING Media Agent "SAN_MSL6060_RJC"

[Normal] From: "SAN_MSL6060_RJC" Time: 05/16/07 07:46:49

[Normal] From: "SAN_MSL6060_RJC" Time: 05/16/07 07:46:49

Slot [side] Medium type Medium Label (ID)
1 Data Protector [JC7196L3] JC7196L3
2 Data Protector [JC7178L3] JC7178L3
3 Data Protector [JC7179L3] JC7179L3
4 Data Protector [JC7185L3] JC7185L3
5 Data Protector [JC7186L3] JC7186L3
6 Data Protector [JC7187L3] JC7187L3
7 Data Protector [JC7188L3] JC7188L3
8 Data Protector [JC7189L3] JC7189L3
9 Data Protector [JC7128L3] MSL_6000_LTO3_19
10 Data Protector [JC7129L3] MSL_6000_LTO3_21
11 Data Protector [JC7130L3] MSL_6000_LTO3_4
12 Data Protector [JC7131L3] MSL_6000_LTO3_6
13 Data Protector [JC7132L3] MSL_6000_LTO3_8
14 Data Protector [JC7195L3] JC7195L3
15 Data Protector [JC7134L3] MSL_6000_LTO3_12
16 Data Protector [JC7135L3] MSL_6000_LTO3_14
17 Data Protector [JC7136L3] MSL_6000_LTO3_16
18 Data Protector [JC7137L3] MSL_6000_LTO3_18
19 Data Protector [JC7138L3] MSL_6000_LTO3_20
20 Data Protector [JC7139L3] MSL_6000_LTO3_22
21 Data Protector [JC7140L3] MSL_6000_LTO3_23
22 Data Protector [JC7141L3] MSL_6000_LTO3_24
23 Data Protector [JC7142L3] MSL_6000_LTO3_25
24 Data Protector [JC7143L3] MSL_6000_LTO3_26
25 Data Protector [JC7144L3] MSL_6000_LTO3_27
26 Data Protector [JC7145L3] MSL_6000_LTO3_28
27 Data Protector [JC7146L3] MSL_6000_LTO3_29
28 Data Protector [JC7147L3] MSL_6000_LTO3_30
29 Data Protector [JC7148L3] MSL_6000_LTO3_31
30 Data Protector [JC7149L3] MSL_6000_LTO3_32
31 Data Protector [JC7150L3] MSL_6000_LTO3_33
32 Data Protector [JC7151L3] MSL_6000_LTO3_34
33 Data Protector [JC7152L3] MSL_6000_LTO3_35
34 Data Protector [JC7153L3] MSL_6000_LTO3_36
35 Data Protector [JC7154L3] MSL_6000_LTO3_37
36 Data Protector [JC7155L3] MSL_6000_LTO3_38
37 Data Protector [JC7156L3] MSL_6000_LTO3_39
38 Data Protector [JC7157L3] MSL_6000_LTO3_40
39 Data Protector [JC7158L3] MSL_6000_LTO3_41
40 Data Protector [JC7159L3] MSL_6000_LTO3_42
41 Data Protector [JC7160L3] MSL_6000_LTO3_43
42 Data Protector [JC7161L3] MSL_6000_LTO3_44
43 Data Protector [JC7162L3] MSL_6000_LTO3_45
44 Data Protector [JC7197L3] JC7197L3
45 Data Protector [JC7198L3] JC7198L3
46 Data Protector [JC7199L3] JC7199L3
58 Cleaning tape [CLNH51L1]

$ omnimm -list_pool MSL_6000_LTO3

Status Medium Label Location Full Protected
Good [JC7199L3] JC7199L3 [SAN_MSL6060_RJC: 46] No None
Good [JC7195L3] JC7195L3 [SAN_MSL6060_RJC: 14] No None
Good [JC7198L3] JC7198L3 [SAN_MSL6060_RJC: 45] No None
Good [JC7197L3] JC7197L3 [SAN_MSL6060_RJC: 44] No None
Good [JC7196L3] JC7196L3 [SAN_MSL6060_RJC: 1] No None
Good [JC7189L3] JC7189L3 [SAN_MSL6060_RJC: 8] No None
Good [JC7188L3] JC7188L3 [SAN_MSL6060_RJC: 7] No None
Good [JC7187L3] JC7187L3 [SAN_MSL6060_RJC: 6] No None
Good [JC7186L3] JC7186L3 [SAN_MSL6060_RJC: 5] No None
Poor [JC7185L3] JC7185L3 [SAN_MSL6060_RJC: 4] No Permanent
Good [JC7179L3] JC7179L3 [SAN_MSL6060_RJC: 3] No Permanent
Good [JC7178L3] JC7178L3 [SAN_MSL6060_RJC: 2] No Permanent
Good [JC7165L3] MSL_6000_LTO3_48 top_of_server No Permanent
Good [JC7164L3] MSL_6000_LTO3_47 top_of_server Yes Permanent
Good [JC7163L3] MSL_6000_LTO3_46 top_of_server Yes Permanent
Good [JC7162L3] MSL_6000_LTO3_45 [SAN_MSL6060_RJC: 43] Yes Permanent
Good [JC7161L3] MSL_6000_LTO3_44 [SAN_MSL6060_RJC: 42] Yes Permanent
Good [JC7160L3] MSL_6000_LTO3_43 [SAN_MSL6060_RJC: 41] Yes Permanent
Good [JC7159L3] MSL_6000_LTO3_42 [SAN_MSL6060_RJC: 40] Yes Permanent
Good [JC7158L3] MSL_6000_LTO3_41 [SAN_MSL6060_RJC: 39] Yes Permanent
Good [JC7157L3] MSL_6000_LTO3_40 [SAN_MSL6060_RJC: 38] Yes Permanent
Good [JC7156L3] MSL_6000_LTO3_39 [SAN_MSL6060_RJC: 37] Yes Permanent
Good [JC7155L3] MSL_6000_LTO3_38 [SAN_MSL6060_RJC: 36] No None
Good [JC7154L3] MSL_6000_LTO3_37 [SAN_MSL6060_RJC: 35] Yes Permanent
Good [JC7153L3] MSL_6000_LTO3_36 [SAN_MSL6060_RJC: 34] Yes Permanent
Good [JC7152L3] MSL_6000_LTO3_35 [SAN_MSL6060_RJC: 33] Yes Permanent
Good [JC7151L3] MSL_6000_LTO3_34 [SAN_MSL6060_RJC: 32] Yes Permanent
Good [JC7150L3] MSL_6000_LTO3_33 [SAN_MSL6060_RJC: 31] Yes Permanent
Good [JC7149L3] MSL_6000_LTO3_32 [SAN_MSL6060_RJC: 30] Yes Permanent
Good [JC7148L3] MSL_6000_LTO3_31 [SAN_MSL6060_RJC: 29] Yes Permanent
Good [JC7147L3] MSL_6000_LTO3_30 [SAN_MSL6060_RJC: 28] Yes Permanent
Good [JC7146L3] MSL_6000_LTO3_29 [SAN_MSL6060_RJC: 27] Yes Permanent
Good [JC7145L3] MSL_6000_LTO3_28 [SAN_MSL6060_RJC: 26] Yes Permanent
Good [JC7144L3] MSL_6000_LTO3_27 [SAN_MSL6060_RJC: 25] Yes Permanent
Good [JC7143L3] MSL_6000_LTO3_26 [SAN_MSL6060_RJC: 24] Yes Permanent
Good [JC7142L3] MSL_6000_LTO3_25 [SAN_MSL6060_RJC: 23] Yes Permanent
Good [JC7141L3] MSL_6000_LTO3_24 [SAN_MSL6060_RJC: 22] Yes Permanent
Good [JC7140L3] MSL_6000_LTO3_23 [SAN_MSL6060_RJC: 21] Yes Permanent
Good [JC7139L3] MSL_6000_LTO3_22 [SAN_MSL6060_RJC: 20] Yes Permanent
Good [JC7129L3] MSL_6000_LTO3_21 [SAN_MSL6060_RJC: 10] Yes Permanent
Good [JC7138L3] MSL_6000_LTO3_20 [SAN_MSL6060_RJC: 19] Yes Permanent
Good [JC7128L3] MSL_6000_LTO3_19 [SAN_MSL6060_RJC: 9] Yes Permanent
Good [JC7137L3] MSL_6000_LTO3_18 [SAN_MSL6060_RJC: 18] Yes Permanent
Good [JC7127L3] MSL_6000_LTO3_17 top_of_server Yes Permanent
Good [JC7136L3] MSL_6000_LTO3_16 [SAN_MSL6060_RJC: 17] Yes Permanent
Good [JC7126L3] MSL_6000_LTO3_15 top_of_server Yes Permanent
Good [JC7135L3] MSL_6000_LTO3_14 [SAN_MSL6060_RJC: 16] Yes Permanent
Good [JC7125L3] MSL_6000_LTO3_13 top_of_server Yes Permanent
Good [JC7134L3] MSL_6000_LTO3_12 [SAN_MSL6060_RJC: 15] Yes Permanent
Good [JC7124L3] MSL_6000_LTO3_11 top_of_server Yes Permanent
Good [JC7133L3] MSL_6000_LTO3_10 top_of_server Yes Permanent
Poor [JC7123L3] MSL_6000_LTO3_9 top_of_server No Permanent
Good [JC7132L3] MSL_6000_LTO3_8 [SAN_MSL6060_RJC: 13] Yes Permanent
Poor [JC7122L3] MSL_6000_LTO3_7 No Permanent
Good [JC7131L3] MSL_6000_LTO3_6 [SAN_MSL6060_RJC: 12] Yes Permanent
Good [JC7121L3] MSL_6000_LTO3_5 Yes Permanent
Good [JC7130L3] MSL_6000_LTO3_4 [SAN_MSL6060_RJC: 11] No None

$ omnimm -show_repository_alloc "SAN_MSL6060_RJC" MSL_6000_LTO3

Nr. Medium Label Location Slot
1 [JC7179L3] JC7179L3 SAN_MSL6060_RJC: 3 3
2 [JC7186L3] JC7186L3 SAN_MSL6060_RJC: 5 5
3 [JC7187L3] JC7187L3 SAN_MSL6060_RJC: 6 6
4 [JC7188L3] JC7188L3 SAN_MSL6060_RJC: 7 7
5 [JC7189L3] JC7189L3 SAN_MSL6060_RJC: 8 8
6 [JC7196L3] JC7196L3 SAN_MSL6060_RJC: 1 1
7 [JC7197L3] JC7197L3 SAN_MSL6060_RJC: 44 44
8 [JC7198L3] JC7198L3 SAN_MSL6060_RJC: 45 45
9 [JC7195L3] JC7195L3 SAN_MSL6060_RJC: 14 14
10 [JC7199L3] JC7199L3 SAN_MSL6060_RJC: 46 46
11 [JC7130L3] MSL_6000_LTO3_4 SAN_MSL6060_RJC: 11 11
12 [JC7155L3] MSL_6000_LTO3_38 SAN_MSL6060_RJC: 36 36
IF you do it more than twice, write a script.