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Netware 6 and HP C7438A (Surestore DAT 72e)

Jason Shields
Occasional Visitor

Netware 6 and HP C7438A (Surestore DAT 72e)

Hi peeps

Have a server running Netware 6 support pack 3. HP DAT 72e drive is connected via an Adaptec 29160 SCSI Ultra160 PCI card and is the only device connected to the card.

When starting the server, NWTAPE.CDM is loaded but gives an error that:

Drivers for device HP_C7438A have not been tested blah blah therefore we will try generic support. Then it gives an error about the driver not being able to be bound to the device.

I only want to use SBCON for the moment until I pursuade my manager to shell out for Veritas BackupExec 9.1 ;)

Basically all I want to do is get the damn thing working, as at the moment the only way we can backup is to manually copy the 850+ user folders to a seperate HDD which as I'm sure you can appreciate is far from ideal ;/

Server Spec:

Intel Server Board SE7501BR2
2 x 2.4Ghz Intel Xeon CPUs
2 x 17GB SCSI HDDs
(all attached to Motherboard SCSI controller)

HP Surestore 72e External DAT Drive
(attached to Adaptec 29160 PCI card)

Running Novell Netware 6 SP 3

Please help! I'm going ever greyer and my boss is now on tranquillisers ;D

Kind Regards

Joshua Scott
Honored Contributor

Re: Netware 6 and HP C7438A (Surestore DAT 72e)

Not a lot of help here, but here's a couple of links for you. These show that netware 6.0 is supported and show which backup apps work for it:

What are the chances...
Jason Shields
Occasional Visitor

Re: Netware 6 and HP C7438A (Surestore DAT 72e)

Thanks Joshua, I was already aware of those pages and I know for a fact that the drive is supported. It just seems like NWTAPE.CDM doesn't want to play ball :(
Jacek Krol
Occasional Visitor

Re: Netware 6 and HP C7438A (Surestore DAT 72e)


I have same problem :-(

Have You already found solution for this ?

For me it seem that nwtape still is not supporting DAT72


Jacek Krol