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Re: New Blank Tapes show as cleaning tapes

Victor G

New Blank Tapes show as cleaning tapes



I have a 1/8 G2 Autoloader with a LTO5 drive, with latest firmware on the autoloader and tape unit.

Software is ArcServe r16 sp1

The problem I have is that I have three new tapes in the autoloader and they show up as cleaning tapes.

Even via the Autoloader web interface there are 3 cleaning tapes to select from if you select "clean drive"

There are no barcodes on the tapes.


Via the Web Interface the Slots with readable media show "Full, Gen. 5" whilst those that show cleaning tape just show "Full "


Can anyone inform me as to why new blank tapes show up as cleaning tapes.


Backups are running as normal without errors on other tapes in the autoloader.



Victor G

Re: New Blank Tapes show as cleaning tapes

I have made some progress on this issue.


By running the HP Tape Tools, and selecting the test for the tape drive, once the test had run, the tape showed up as blank.


If you try this just make sure you don't use a tape with any required data on it. If you have an autoloader then you will need to use the Web Interface to load / move a tape directly into the drive.

I had to stop all Arcserve services before I could run the test.