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New DP 7 Install - Library & Tape Drive Drivers

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New DP 7 Install - Library & Tape Drive Drivers

Hi All.


Finally got around to building a new DP server and after speaking with someone in HP I have gone for DP 7. I have it installed on a HP BL460 G7 server running Windows Server 2008 64 Bit R2 SP1. It has 30GB RAM and 300GB of disk space (2x 300GB disks mirrored), 2x Intel Xeon E5640 @ 2.67GHz processors. I hope that's enough :-). I have 1x MSL6030, 2x MSL2024 and 1x MSL4048 libraries which are fiber connected.


My question is what drivers should I be using for the libraries and tape drives? The server was built with HP SmartStart 8.70 and then PSP 9.10 so its as up to date as it can be. I checked in device manager how the libraries had been setup and they are all present and have HP drivers installed for both the medium changers and the tape drives.


In DP Devices and Media on the control tab the libraries show as having a SCSI address of Changer<scsi address> and the tape drives show Tape<scsi address>. Is this setup correct? In my old DP 5.5 setup we removed the HP drivers for the medium changers and tape drives so in Devices and Media they both showed as scsi<scsi address>. I would copy this setup on my new DP 7 build but id like to take a new view on it and get it right from the beginning from your advice. I didn't setup the 5.5 server and it was handed over to me already setup so I don't know what setup is the right and best way.


Your help is really appreciated.




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