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New Forums Features Released!!

Kimberly Ann
Honored Contributor

New Forums Features Released!!

Hi Everyone,

I'm pleased to inform you that there are a number of new features released in the ITRC forums!

1. In your public forums profile, you will now find near the top of the page a link to all questions you have asked! At the bottom of the page, all of the replies you have made are listed (paginated, if needed).

2. To remove confusion, the "member since" date in your public profile indicates it is the date you joined the ITRC, not the date you began participating in the forums.

3. You can view your public profile if you click on "my profile" in the left navigation bar, click on "view or modify forums profile" and then click on the new link at top of page called "View your public profile."

4. If you reply to a message, you will now see the original message text in the reply box. In my opinion, this is a great addition to the functionality!

5. Upon submitting a reply, you now have more options to select (links) as to where to go in the forums.

6. If you post a new message, you will now see a new method of assigning points! Each reply will now have an easy pulldown menu and a single "submit" button at the bottom of the page. This allows assigning points to multiple replies fairly much faster and efficiently! And you will see more link options after submitting. YEAH!

7. When creating a new message, the "notify me" checkbox is now by default "on". Authors of new messages will now be notified of a reply to their message unless they deselect the notification checkbox.

I trust everyone will enjoy the new enhancements, I know I do. Thanks to everyone for your past feedback -- the above features are a direct result of your input.

Enjoy, and thanks!
Forums Manager
Honored Contributor

Re: New Forums Features Released!!

Very nice! A lot of features were being looked forward to for a long time now.

Good job.

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David Bell_1
Honored Contributor

Re: New Forums Features Released!!


Great additions to the forum. Thanks to the team for the updates!

Vincent Fleming
Honored Contributor

Re: New Forums Features Released!!

No matter where you go, there you are.
Jon Mattatall
Esteemed Contributor

Re: New Forums Features Released!!

Very, very nice. I esoecially like the question appearing on the reply page. Another example of the care and effort put into what has become an invaluable resource (and often, a welcome diversion).

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