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New Hardware

Mohd Syafid Abdullah
Regular Advisor

New Hardware

Hi expert..
I hope uou can help me.

I replacing my faulty DLT autoloader with new DLT autoloder( same brand HP).

After plug in the SCSI cable, I try to run IOSCAN but the IOSCAN didnt return any claimed device under AUTOCH.

How to make the new device using name AUTOCH?

Please help ..
Wim Rombauts
Honored Contributor

Re: New Hardware

Is this the first time you connect an autoloader to your system ?
If so, is the schgr driver loaded into your kernel ?
Easiest way to check : start SAM and go to Kernel Configuration. There, look at the loaded modules list and search for schgr.
If it is unused or not loaded, load it into the kernel (requires reboot)
Mohd Syafid Abdullah
Regular Advisor

Re: New Hardware

hi wim,

no, this is second times i connect the autoloader. the previous one was faulty.

poor me. my SAM also had a problem.can't open it.

Is there another way to load the schgr ?

please help guru.
Ludovic Derlyn
Esteemed Contributor

Re: New Hardware


I am not sure but it seems that a reboot is necessary
Autoloader must be set on when server is rebooting
Server discovered new device

You can try before to delete special files by rmsf and recreate it insf -e or insf -H "hardware path"