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New tape does not show up OCP

Gene Kenny
Regular Advisor

New tape does not show up OCP


I have a MSL 6030 tape drive. When I remove a tape and add a new tape to the MSL. I am having some problems with Data Protector and the MSL seeing the tape correctly. The tape shows up black on the OCP vs displaying the bar code, and if I browse to the library some times I see the tape ok other times the bar code does not show up it is blank in the browser. On the Data Protector side the slot shows up empty. If I do a scan of the tape drive the tape will show up correctly in DP and the MSL.

The library has the current firmware installed and I running 5.5, without the current patches.

Jaclyn Rothe
Trusted Contributor

Re: New tape does not show up OCP

Please make sure the barcode label is not obstrcuted by a pen mark or misaligned.

Wehn you add a new tape you should verify that the Library sees the tape.

If it is just in software you are having an issue, remember you have to inventory in software usually. Also any new tapes need to be labelled (formatted) by software for the Back up software to be able to understand how to use that tape.

I would suggest to patch the software if issues persist. Also just because firmware is at the current rev, does not mean that it shouldn't be flashed.

If you ahve made every attempt to address this on the software side first, then you should consider that this could be a corrupted firmware of SCSI error preventing communication. Flashing the firmware of the Library (even if the same rev level) is recommended to reset the Library to default calibration. Remember when doing firmware flashes on Libraries/Autoloaders that all components need to be selected and flashed simultatneously or you may cause permanent device complications.

Hope this helps.

Gilles Cadrin
Trusted Contributor

Re: New tape does not show up OCP


If on HPUX .. How does the mc command see the barcodes ?

mc -p /dev/rac/Whatevr -r DIMS | more

If the barcode are not seen properly at the os level ( Different code then DP )

Also do you eject/enter the Tape Through DP itself ?

If not you should do a barcode scan in order to update mmd

There is also a special SSP, that if using DP 5.5 and you remove the cleaning tape, and insert a normal tape in the slot of the previous cleaning tape .. Then the MMD will get confused and it will flag the with a Unknown status.

Please contact HP for SSPUX550_125

Good Luck