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New tapes needed?

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New tapes needed?

I have an HP 1/8 Autoloader that started malfunctioning a while back.
After much discussion with HP techs and on this forum, it was determined that I needed a new tape drive.
I bought one, installed it, and today attempted to run my first backup.

The backup plan I use utilizes 26 tapes --- 2 daily incrementals, the other 24 weekly tapes. These tapes have been used for at least 2 years, not sure how long before I got here they were used.

So today when I inventoried, 2 of the 8 tapes showed up as being 'BAD' (by Symantec Backup Exec).
I used another tape (that wasn't showing as 'bad') to run the HP StorageWords Library and Tape Tools drive test.

Test 'LTO Drive Assessment test' started on device 'HP Ultrium 3-SCSI' at address '3/0.11.0'
This test will overwrite all the data on this tape. Would you like to continue the test?

executing LTO Drive Assessment Test...
checking tape load ...
analyzing device data...
updating device writeback data...

soft unload ...
writing wrap 4...
writing bottom wrap...
writing top wrap...
writing wrap 1...
soft unload...
Test passed with warnings

LTO Drive Assessment Test, version V19.08.2008
Test run: Fri Oct 30 13:45:10 2009
Drive serial number: HUE0937PKA
Data Cartridge Information:
Format: LTO-2
Serial Number: 057N114535
Barcode: 000010L2

version: V19.05.2009
Firmware rev D23W is up-to-date for Ultrium 3-SCSI as of Thu May 21 19:00:00 2009.

There were unrecoverable read errors while reading tap 057N114547
The drive heads may be dirty
Please clean the drive with an unexpired cleaning cartridge then try using another tape.
The current SCSI configuration is likely to be limiting the performance of the drive.
Please check that your HBA is the correct type for the drive and that the cabling is good.
The SCSI configuration referenced is the one for which device analysis was run and/or the support ticket was pulled.
If this is not via your backup server then you may not have an issues.
Current SCSI transfer rate limited to: 160 MB/sec. Recommended: 320 MB/sec or better.
hp recommends the use of hp storage media.
There were 18 rules checked.

Device Analysis has checked the historical information and warnings have been reported.

Amount of data required’ test option : Default
Iteration number: 1 of 1
Overall Margin: Great margin (12.1 GB written)
The LTO Drive Assessment Test has checked the history and/or operation of the selected drive, and
Warnings have been reported, but the drive has PASSED.