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New tapes slow Job Rate and failing

Chris Napierala
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New tapes slow Job Rate and failing

We have a set of new tapes and the backup job rates are half of what we are getting with old tapes.
These are the same model of tape and we have tried 2 different brands now. Any advice on what is happening?
The drive is older so i have to consider that it is near the end of its life but the old tapes are still working fine at the rate expected.

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Re: New tapes slow Job Rate and failing

I'd run a cleaning tape, just to see if that made a difference.

Then I'd run HP's Library and Tape Tools and run the tape tests to see if it can identify any issues with the drive or media. Actually, run L&TT first, then consider the cleaning tape. Remember that cleaning tapes do get 'used up', so don't try to overuse it.

What brand(s) of media are you using?

The good news is that you're using LTO-1 tapes, so it's not like you've got LTO-1 labels on an LTO-2 tape, which can cause problems.

Are the new tapes being brought in from a different environment -- colder or hotter -- without the chance to come to 'room' temperature?
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