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No DVDs read by Toshiba SD R2102 DVD/CD-RW

Nikos Bentenitis
Occasional Visitor

No DVDs read by Toshiba SD R2102 DVD/CD-RW

My Toshiba SD R2102 DVD/CD-RW decided to stop reading DVDs and a variety of CD-Rs I have created using Easy CD Creator. It can read regular CD, like my Windows XP CDs and everything that I have purchased, and it also plays Audio CDs. Since the drive was able to read these CD-Rs and DVDs in the past I thought that I would solve the problem by:

- Cleaning the lens with ethanol
- Using a cleaning cd kit
- Reinstalling the drivers for the drive
- Updating the firmware

None of these approaches worked! Is there anything else I could try, or a way to find whether the DVD/CD-RW is dead?

Thank you

PS: I use XP Home edition on an Omnibook XE3.