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Noisy Colorado Device !

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Jim Adamson
Frequent Advisor

Noisy Colorado Device !

I have just installed an external Colorado 20GB device on a PC in our department admin office. It uses Travan C4435 data cartridges. The device backs up and retores data correctly. The problem is that when operating it is VERY noisy. My question is, is this normal? I tried HP support and they said they could only help if the device was not backing up correctly. This is the first time I have used this device so have nothing to compare the noise levels with.

If the loud noise is normal then we will just have to live with this, but it may indicate a potential problem?
Oh dear
Eric de Lange_2
Respected Contributor

Re: Noisy Colorado Device !

Yup...noisy critters these Colorado drives. Sometimes rattling noises, sometimes whining noises, but noises none the less. So how noisy is that ? For me, it's as noisy as my scanner when it does a scan..... valid reasons to get away from the machine when you're doing the backup.

Surestore DAT drives are very silent, apart for the occasional internal cleaning routine, but the price is accordingly :-)