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Not Enough Licenses

Max Wiberg
Regular Advisor

Not Enough Licenses

A few days now I have been getting these error massages:
Warning] From: "Exchange 5 veckor till pool Exchange" Time: 2006-04-09 01:01:19
[61:17102] Not enough licenses "Single Drive for Windows / NetWare / Linux".
Session is waiting for some of devices to get free.

[Warning] From: "Exchange 5 veckor till pool Exchange" Time: 2006-04-09 01:01:19
[64:18] Some of the devices are occupied. Session is waiting
for all the devices to get free.

As far as I'm concerned the only change I've made in our setup i applaying the latest core-paches: DPWIN_00179 and DPWIN_00197.

Cheers: Max
Kurt Beyers.
Honored Contributor

Re: Not Enough Licenses


How many Unix or Windows drive licenses do you hace? Is the cell manager on Windows or Unix?

If you have N drive licenses, you can use only N+1 drives (the cell manager contains an additional drive license) at the same time. Else you get the Warning message above, the second backup is waiting until a drive license gets released from another backup job.

best regards,
Valued Contributor

Re: Not Enough Licenses

Hi MAx,

Number of simultaneous backup depends on number of drive license u have.
The cell manager by default has one drive license.
If you want more than one simultaneous backup session,then u need to have additional drive license

Max Wiberg
Regular Advisor

Re: Not Enough Licenses

Hi Sysadm & Kurt Beyers!

The total number of licenses is totally correct. NOTHING has changed in the hardware setup.

Problem solved. This error message originates/propagate as a qonsequence of installing the latest security patch DPWIN_00197.
This patch is SERIOUSLY flawed.

The solution is to rollback the patches according to the schema below:

Open a commandpromt on the Cellmanger:
Omnisv -stop
Copy d:\program files\omniback folder to a safe place, just in case
Omnisv -start

Roll back/Reinstallpatch dpwin_00167 cs

Reinstall site specific patch
Extraxt the files to a folder somewhere.
Open a command promt on the cellmanager.
Omnisv -stop

Copy the extracted files to
d:\program files\omniback\bin folder
Omnisv -start
Read the extracted file SSPNT550_068.txt on how to do this.

Cheers: Max!
Max Wiberg
Regular Advisor

Re: Not Enough Licenses

Se my last post about rolling batch applied patches

Cheers: Max!