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Not detecting 2nd drive

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Not detecting 2nd drive

Hi all. I currently have a DL380 (NT4.0 SP6a) connected to a TL891 unit with a single 35/70 drive installed via a SymBios Logic SCSI card. As my backups were running over time, I installed a 2nd drive into the unit. Once installed, the server was unable to detect anything (Library, original drive, new drive) on boot. I have the loop cables on the back of the unit, and have tried SCSI IDs 1&2 and also 4&5 for the drives. The TL891 seems to be happy enough, but the server cannot see anything.

I have now removed the new drive, and the TL891 will not boot. Stops with a 2072 error, saying turn the unit off for 30 secs and then back onas it can't find drive 1 (the one I've removed). This does not help either.

Any suggestions? Kinda need this working ASAP!!

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Re: Not detecting 2nd drive

Hello, i don't have a help for you, but we have also problem on the same constallation. We installed a second tape and its not under the tape devices and the scsi devices.
In Bexec 8.0 its a unknown drive - disabled. When you solve your problem, you could send me your success story in installing the second tape drive.