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OBDR & external DAT40 unit

Paul Tarbrooke
Occasional Contributor

OBDR & external DAT40 unit

We are trying to use OBDR (Veritas V9) on a server with an external HP DAT40 unit. The software recognises a boottable tape capability and allows us to create the image and write the tape. The unit can be switched into 'boot mode' apparently OK, but the server simply boots from disk. We have set the BIOS boot sequence such that a virtual device (an adaptec boottable CDROM) is top off the list, but to no avail. The card is an adaptec ultra160 which claims to be an AIC-7892. Anybody have any experience of a similar set-up ?
Anthony Cross
Occasional Visitor

Re: OBDR & external DAT40 unit

Check the SCSI contoller setup. I don't have the exact details on hand, but I had a similiar problem until I worked out that the SCSI controlled also needed to be told what device to use as a boot device, normally ID zero (0).
Anthony Cross