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OBDR - lc2100 to tc4100

Neal Latham
Occasional Visitor

OBDR - lc2100 to tc4100

I have OBDR tapes created using Arcserve 2000 on an NetServer lc2100. I'm trying to see if I can load this onto a tc4100, as far as I know the hardware inside is reasonable similar (Same controller, I think).

My problem is, the tape is noticed by the server as bootable and appears to boot, but we are then left with the 'Setup is detecting your computer's hardware configuration' screen, and thats it. No matter how long you wait, it does not progress and does not error.

Any help or suggestions?
Marco Hogeveen
Honored Contributor

Re: OBDR - lc2100 to tc4100


The LC2100 does not exits. Do you mean a LC2000 or a TC2100???
The TC2100 and the TC4100 are completely different, that will never work.
The LC2000 and the TC4100 are somewhat similar, depending on the type of LC2000 you're using...
The LC2000 comes in 2 'flavors': Ultra2 and Ultra3 SCSI. If it's Ultra3 then it should be written on the front cover.
The SCSI controllers of the Ultra2 LC2000 and the TC4100 are not the same (SymBios 53C897 vs. LSI53C1010-66) so that probably won't work.
The SCSI controllers of the Ultra3 LC2000 and the TC4100 ARE the same (both LSI 53C1010-66), so this might work.
But remember that there are other differences in hardware that might prevent you from restoring a OBDR tape from 1 server to the other.

Hope this helps..

Neal Latham
Occasional Visitor

Re: OBDR - lc2100 to tc4100

Cheers. It's a LC2000 U3 so it should have the same controller.

Thanks for your help though.