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Re: OCP blank MSL4048

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OCP blank MSL4048


we have about 10 MSL4048 FC w/LTO5's in production, and we have a reoccuring issue that the displays on the OCP panel keeps going blank once every 2nd month or so on each of the libraries. The library continue to work fine, and can be operated from the CVMSL web gui, however, our datacenter staff in charge of the tape rotations are unable to load/unload tapes without assistance.


Temporary workaround has been to power down the library, and pull the power cables until the light go out on the PSU's. HP has multiple times replaced the libraries, but this keeps reoccuring. Obviously we have applied the FW to the latest (8.60), yet, this still keeps impacting us.


Anyone else? Anyone come across of any other workarounds?


Thaks in advance!

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Re: OCP blank MSL4048

I'm having the same problem for the past 2 month. I just openned a case with HP. Anyone have a fix or solution other than replacing the unit?

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Re: OCP blank MSL4048

This is what I found:



  • Fixed a rare case where the OCP display goes blank and becomes unresponsive until the library is power cycled. (MSL4048, MSL8048, and MSL8096 only)


fixed in Firmware 11.30 (MSL8096)  and 8.70 (MSL4048)


Hope this helps!

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