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Re: OEM software

Michael Nevill
New Member

OEM software

I have a HP Pavilion, DV1000 I bought from Staples and my software that came with the systems has been misplaced. Is it possible to get it replaced? I need to wipe my system and start over because of a virus.
Kimberly Kissel
New Member

Re: OEM software

I have a similar situation with a DV9000 laptop and lost OEM software. I too need to know who to contact as I had little luck when calling HP.
D Wong
Regular Advisor

Re: OEM software

Hi Kimberly:

You can download the CD image for Data Protector Express 4.0 SP1 software from the below website.

However, you need to purchase a HP tape drive product in order to register your Data Protector Express and get a permanant software license key at the below website.

Dave W.