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Old Tape Drives

Dennis Kelly_1
Occasional Visitor

Old Tape Drives

Does any one know how to set up and Configure an HP35401A. (this is a 9144k tape drive with an 8*QIC magazine, with picker etc.) I have obtained an HPIB interface card, but am not sure what commands need to be given for the unit to work.)

David Navarro
Respected Contributor

Re: Old Tape Drives

Hi, First, you must specify in which server you have installed HP-IB interface. Then you can connect library. If you are using, I think so, HP-UX, and a server like H-G-I-E-F Class, and HP-UX 10.20 or older, then you need to add HP-IB driver to kernel, and you will see how , when systems has been rebooted, new device files are added to OS. Then, you can configure picker, drives, etc in OmniBack or backup soft you're using.

Good Luck.
Michael Tully
Honored Contributor

Re: Old Tape Drives


Ad David has pointed out you must first be
able to see the hardware. Once you can you
need to have the appropriate driver in
the kernel.

I have attached a white paper from HP which
should assist you selecting the correct
driver and how to configure the picker

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