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Omniback II 3.10 - Warning Message

Davide Depaoli
Occasional Advisor

Omniback II 3.10 - Warning Message

using Omniback II 3.10 (rescan drives, run backup,etc...), have the following message, but operations goes ahead without problems.

[Warning] From: BMA@qualux "DLT8000_Q" Time: 04/20/01 02:48:12
Tape Alert [25]: A library operation has been attempted that is invalid at this time.
Any idea ?

thanks in advance.
Regards Davide
Joseph T. Wyckoff
Honored Contributor

Re: Omniback II 3.10 - Warning Message

I moved this query to the tape library area - because TapeAlert is actually a logging mechanism implemented in the tape library.

Omniback is to some degree TapeAlert aware - reads the logs/ registers - and parses the register value into a message.

There is a list of error codes to messages - and I took a look - unfortunately it doesn't tell me anything that Omniback did not already tell you.

So the hardware guys will have to tell you what causes a TapeAlert 25.

From my perspective, I would look to things like firmware. We KNOW that DLT 8000's should be checked for current firmware.

From memory, this error (illegal operation) may result from Omniback requesting a BARCODE SCAN in a library that does not have barcode support.

That may not be your scenario, however.

What model drive, what model library?
Omniback and NT problems? double check name resolution, DNS/HOSTS...