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Open VMS upgrade hardware checklist

James Barry Donovan
Occasional Contributor

Open VMS upgrade hardware checklist

Hello and Good Afternoon. We are planning on upgrading our Open VMS operating system from version 7.3-2 to 8.3 in the Fall of 2007. Currently we employ many mini-libraries(MSL5000 & TL891) housing DLT8000 drives. These are cabled to NSR rounters, M2402s.

We also have standalone SDLT 320's.

The current firmeware versions are

M2402 -> 5.6.69
DLT8000-> 0256(HEX)
TL891 ROBOT -> 0525(HEX)
MSL5000 ROBOT -> 0423(HEX)
SDLT 320 -> 4B4B

Are these firmware versions too low?