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Opening the HP DLT 7000 2/15

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A. Daniel King_1
Super Advisor

Opening the HP DLT 7000 2/15

How does one open a DLT 7000 2/15:

- While a read is in progress on one drive (ie, for a mount request)?


- From the HP-UX command-line?

Command-Line Junkie
Michael Tully
Honored Contributor

Re: Opening the HP DLT 7000 2/15


There is no command that will unlock
the door to this tape library unit. It
is a physical requirement to do this.
You can't use the 'mc' command either
as it only will remove tapes to a
designated mail slot if there is one.
amongst other things, have a look at the
man page for 'mc'.

If you cannot open the door with the
standard 'release door' method, there
is another way. You use the next key
until the word 'admin' appears, then
press 'enter' I am sure then that it
asks for PSWD 000 000 000 just keep
pressing the enter key. Then press
next until you see the option 'override door'
then press enter and the door should

To automatically or manually load tapes
into a tape library you need to configure
a device to do this (assuming HPUX).
Have a look at the attached document
that will assist. There is also a test
than can be done.

Anyone for a Mutiny ?