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Optimum SCSI card settings for Ultrium?

Chris Gregurek
Occasional Contributor

Optimum SCSI card settings for Ultrium?

We have a 4/40 ultrium library and use 2 Adaptec 39160 SCSI cards to control the 4 drives. Is there a particular way to set the SCSI cards so that the library and server talk to each other in the best fashion possible or should i just leave it at the factory defaults?
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Alex Ntow
Occasional Visitor

Re: Optimum SCSI card settings for Ultrium?

Hi Chris,
the most important fact you should be aware of is that the SCSI adresses for the PCI Card (mostly 7, highest prio) should differ from the SCSI adresses of the other components of the Library. This means you could configure the Library to used the following adresses.
Controller: scsi 0
Drive 1: scsi 1
Drive 2: scsi 2
Drive 3: scsi 3
Drive 4: scsi 4

i hope this helps. Check Manual for Daisychaing options