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Re: Oracle SAP Backup and Tape Library

Ed Velasco
Occasional Advisor

Oracle SAP Backup and Tape Library

Hi Guys,

We recently purchase a MSL4048 Tpae Library with 2 drives. we are going to use the equipment for Oracle SAP backup using the native sapbackup tool.

Can anyone advise how we could configure the automatic loading of tapes?


Re: Oracle SAP Backup and Tape Library

Hello Ed, I hope you're doing well.

First of all, I didn't see Oracle SAP backup listed as a support backup software, it might work but it hasn't been tested. Regarding loading and unloading media automatically, check the User Guide for the MSL at page 61. It explains how to set up library mode in order to have these features enable:

User Guide MSL4048

HP EBS Compatibility Matrix

I will recommend to use the library in "RANDOM" mode because having it set in a different mode would not present the Robot to a backup software or OS. Usually they set up Library Mode in Random and they will leave the backup software to manage load/unload process.

Vernny D.