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Oracle online backup issue..


Oracle online backup issue..

we are using MSL 6060 library with ultrium III tape drive, we are facing some problems in oracle online backups.
Sometimes same backup specification for oracle online is completed in 2 hrs and some time backup speed of same backup is extremely slow and it takes 20 hrs to complete.
This is amazing for me same backup specification one one database run perfectly let say for 3 schedule and on forth schedule it takes a very long time.

We are using a completely SAN network and diffirent subnet is using ofr backups.

I have contacted with database and application guys to trace any unusal activity running during this slow backup, but they denied for any. Please suggest me how can I investigate the root cause of this issue.
Ivan Ferreira
Honored Contributor

Re: Oracle online backup issue..

You could start by checking your inet.log and debug.log.

If the backups completes in two hours, you can run some test backups to a null device (If unix) to see if the problem persists. This is for isolate the source of the problem (integration vs library).

Ensure that your zoning configuration is correct. Verify if your system is having similar workload.
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Leonel Fonseca Loria
Occasional Visitor

Re: Oracle online backup issue..

I understood you where using an IP subnet.
1) Maybe you can meter each interface to learn the rate bytes are being send, so you know if it's the host itself working slow, or any other point.
2) Discuss with someone the logs of backup. I don't know if you're using RMAN, RMAN + DataProtector or home grown scripts, but they should be clear in how long time was spent in each object (table, index or datafile).


Earl Einhaus
Occasional Contributor

Re: Oracle online backup issue..

We have just started a similiar experience. Have you resolved the problem?