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PAss Thru driver, still unclaimed.

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PAss Thru driver, still unclaimed.

On HPux 11.0, when configuring a HP-PB pass through driver for SureStore Tape library. I still get "unclaimed"
0/3/0/0.6.0 spt UNCLAIMED,UNKNOWN HP C6280-8000. I added line to system file:
"driver 0/3/0/0.6.0 spt", then rebuilt the kernel, rebooted
Gadura Praveen
Frequent Advisor

Re: PAss Thru driver, still unclaimed.


If you use the device file controlled by "spt" driver ( major number is owned by spt ) for your backups , you will not encounter any problems. How ever for ioscan and diagnostics purposes it is good to have "schgr" driver in the kernel as well . Once you put this driver in and rebuild the kernel, after reboot the ioscan will look as :-

autoch h/w path schgr CLAIMED DEVICE

Hope this helps !

Michael Tully
Honored Contributor

Re: PAss Thru driver, still unclaimed.

Hi John,

This particular question has come up a
number of times in recent weeks. I have
attached a white paper from HP on how
to solve the problem.

If you cannot open the attachment let me
know and I'll e-mail it to you direct.
Anyone for a Mutiny ?

Re: PAss Thru driver, still unclaimed.

Thank you for the document. It was very helpful. My problem appears to be because I needed to use the sctl procedure, not spt. Also, I added the schgr into the system file.
ioscan looks like this now:
target 8 0/3/0/0.6 tgt CLAIMED DEVICE
autoch 0 0/3/0/0.6.0 schgr CLAIMED DEVICE HP C6280-8000
system file has these entries in it:
driver 0/3/0/0.6.0 sctl